Recipe #8: Issa’s Sesame Seed Granola

Issa’s Sesame Seed Granola

Note to parents and kids

Please be extra careful in the kitchen. Follow safety and hygiene rules as best you can. Kids, be especially careful when you handle a knife or when you’re anywhere near boiling water or anything hot (stove tops, ovens, grills, etc.). Always make sure an adult is supervising you in the kitchen..

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Activity #1:
Ingredient Spotlight

This activity sheet highlights the ingredients for this recipe.  Match ingredients to the picture. You can color it too!

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Activity #2:
Final Product and Fun Facts 

This activity sheet highlights fun facts about this dish. You can color it too!

Fun facts:

  • All you really need to make granola is oats, nuts, maple
    syrup and oil, so feel free to substitute with whatever you
    have on hand!
  • You can store this granola in a mason jar, and it should last
    for about 2 weeks or so. Enjoy with yogurt and fresh fruit
    or as a cereal with almond milk!
  • Although eating hot cereal or gruel has its history in many
    cultures, granola (or cold cereal) was actually created in
    upstate New York in the mid-1800’s!

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