Recipe #3: Paratha

(South Asian Crispy, Flaky Flatbread)


A Crunchy, puffy Indian flatbread made using 3 ingredients you have at home

Paratha Key Ingredients: 

Flour, Oil, Salt

Note to parents and kids

Please be extra careful in the kitchen. Follow safety and hygiene rules as best you can. Kids, be especially careful when you handle a knife or when you’re anywhere near boiling water or anything hot (stove tops, ovens, grills, etc.). Always make sure an adult is supervising you in the kitchen..

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Activity #1:
Ingredient Spotlight

This activity sheet highlights the ingredients for this recipe.  Match ingredients to the picture. You can color it too!

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Activity #2:
Final Product and Fun Facts 

This activity sheet highlights fun facts about Paratha. You can color it too!

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