Recipe #2: Yogurt


Yogurt, also spelled yoghurt, yogourt or yoghourt, is a creamy soft dairy treat prepared by fermenting milk with added bacteria.

Whole Milk, Plain Yogurt

Note to parents and kids

Please be extra careful in the kitchen. Follow safety and hygiene rules as best you can. Kids, be especially careful when you handle a knife or when you’re anywhere near boiling water or anything hot (stove tops, ovens, grills, etc.). Always make sure an adult is supervising you in the kitchen..

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Activity #1:
Final Product and Fun Facts 

This activity sheet highlights fun facts about Yogurt. You can color it too!

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Activity #2:
Milking Songs 

Do you know about milking songs? These songs are sung while milking animals. They differ from culture to culture and the type of animal being milked.

Watch this video

Click here to watch this Tibetan Folk Milking Song

Listen to the songs

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